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Financial models, reports, and analysis are only as good as the data used. If you have incorrect, invalid, and inconsistent data, then valuations and decisions are in trouble. Business decisions will be incorrect and misleading. Data cleaning is a never-ending process. For as long as data is continuously used, edited, updated, and accessed by different people, reliable clean data is important.  In other words, the integrity of a tidy and clean data must be maintained as much as possible. Data cleaning helps entrepreneurs, analysts, executives, and other professionals to not only optimize data but to translate these into useful information for business improvements and strategies.

We love data. We do data cleaning and prepping from few hundred rows of data to millions of rows of data. We can do job for one time or we can clean and format your data on a daily basis. If it is on a daily basis then we will automate data cleaning and prepping process and use Azure Cloud Services and Tools like Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Logic Apps etc. to clean. prep and backup your data and notify you via email when the data is ready so you can pick up your data from your designated area in Azure data blob or Azure data lake.

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